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The Facts

Rental rates
Villa 1 and Villa 3 starting € 1.490,- / Week
Villa 2 starting € 1.690,- / Week

The “fine print” - Terms and Conditions

With this confirmation your inquiry becomes a confirmed booking, the deposit of 40% of the rental fee is due inbetween 5 days. In case of cancellation, the deposit is still due for payment and/or will not be refunded.
Changes in booking dates or cancellations can only be accepted up to 45 days in advance of your arrival.
After this period and notwithstanding your cancellation, the remaining balance is due for payment.
The remaining rental fee is due 40 days prior to your arrival, otherwise the booking is considered as cancelled.
The remaining sum is notwithstanding still due for payment.
There is no refund if you cancel or shorten your stay due to personal or weather related reasons (hurricane season!)
We recommend buying appropriate travel insurance to cover your deposit and other advance payments in such cases.



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